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Choosing the right line can be one of the most important decisions you make when fishing. Different lures work best with certain lines but it’s hard for even the most experienced anglers to remember what works best.

That’s where the Bass Minder® Line Selection Guide can help – They have matched the most popular lures with their optimum lines so you’ll always maximize your catch.

Fluorocarbon Line:
Very strong with low stretch. Sinks in water, abrasion resistant, nearly invisible underwater. Keep line moist when knot tying.

Monofilament Line:
Versatile with many applications. Increased line stretch. Floats in water.

Braided Line:
Very, very strong. Little to no stretch. Floats in water. Great for heavy cover and topwater.

Bass Minder® Line Selection Guide matches the most popular lures with the lines that will give them optimum performance. Just like the Lure Selection Guide, you can permanently apply Bass Minder® Line Selection Guide to the inside or outside of your tackle box, or inside your boat , or on any smooth surface – or just keep it as is in your tackle box.

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Bass Minder Line Reminder Labels Bass Fishing Depot
BASS MINDER FISHING LINE REMINDER STICKERS (Water resistant- stick on labels)
  • Simple, easy-to-read sticker chart
  • Suggests the best lures based on water conditions and temperature
  • Sticks on tackle box, boat or any smooth surface
  • Like having a guide every time out

This simple, easy-to-read Bass Minder Sticker chart gives you the best lures to use based on water conditions and temperatures. Like having a guide along every time out, the Bass Minder Sticker can be permanently applied to the inside or outside of your tackle box, inside your boat, or on any smooth surface you choose. Size: 4-7/8'' x 8-3/4''.

A Testimonial:  So easy to use.,
November 15, 2012
By Gator7825
from Bay St. Louis, Ms

"First let me state I have been bass fishing since I was 5 or so and now I'm 36. I have been a tournament fisherman for the last 5 years. My wife and I went fishing this last weekend, and it was tough. I was throwing my go to bait, ( I'm the worst at not trying something different ). This went on for about 2 hours. I was dumb-founded. Then I remembered that I had the lure selection guide. After looking over it, it recomended a lure that I would have never thrown. I had bought it just to have. After changing my lure I cought 12 bass, an 8lb., 4- 5lbs., and some 3lbs. and 2lbs. All within an hour. My wife could not believe it. I should have looked at it sooner."