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FISH CAN'Y READ, Why pay a fortune for a big "name brand" lure, when Tormenter lures catch just as many or
more big fish, for half the price.

Tormenter lures consistently catch fish big fish.

Tormenter Darts

The Tormenter "Dart" lures are a large cone shaped nose with brightly colored foil adhered to both sides
of a wedge of lead placed inside the clear lure headto keep it in the water, and to keep it below the surface
at fairly high speeds.The "Darts" are dressed with angler's bright colored PVC skirts.

The "Darts" are a favorite trolling lure of Charter Boat Captains and mates all over the world for one reason,

The Tormenter 'Darts" are guaranteed to produce strikes when trolling for marlin, tuna, sailfish, dolphin and

Available Unrigged or rigged on either Mono (for marlin, tuna, & dolphin) or Cable for
Wahoo, kingfish and cudas.

Note: Mono rigged - with 11 feet of 300 lb. monofilament and a double stiffy rig (90 degree) 10/0 stainless steel
double strength hook set.

Cable rigged - with 7 feet of heavy duty 400 - 480 lb. stainless steel cble and a double stiffy rig (90 degree)

Prices: $29.99 Unrigged
$44.99 Rigged with Monofilament
$46.99 Rigged with Cable
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WOW This offshore trolling lure raised the winning fish, and 800Lb. Blue marlin, at the
Big Rock Tournament IN 2015. It was the first time The Big mouth had been introduced
to the Big Rock tournament circuit. These lures are guaranteed to produce big fish when
presented in front of a hungry Blue Marlin, Black Malrin, White Marlin or monster wahoo.
The scoop front makes these lures chug their head from side to side, several inches below
the surface. They create a large steady smoke screen and then slowly rise to the surface
to take another gulp of fresh air before diving once again.

SPECS: 1." Diameter; X 11" Long; 8 oz.


These Lures are proven Tournament winning lures, taking many of the fish for the boat that won the
Nantucket Billfish Tournament on her first time out!!

The Peal Diver is a medium sized rounded cylinder with a slant nose that digs and thrashes about. This
incredible offshore lures makes a lot of surface noise. It has a bright Mother of Pearl adhered to both sides
of a flat piece of lead, placed inside the head which holds it in the water and keeps it diving below the
surface to attract hungry fish who attack it with vengeance. The lure is dressed with brightly colored
tied on sdoulble custom PVC skirts. These lures catch Marlin, Tuna, Sail fish, Dolphin, Wahoo and more.

Available Rigged with Mono or Unrigged - Rigged with 8 Feet of 200 Lb. Momoi Mono and a 10/0 Stainless
Steel Double Strength hook set. NOTE: Rigged Pearl Divers do not come in a Tormenter Premium Lure Bag!
Lure bags are sold separately.

RIGGED = $29.99


This is the Tormenter's "Upscale Version" of the ever popular "Green Machine". This lure has a molded in reflective foil
prism head and Doll eyes making her much more enticing than other brands.

This lightweight surface bait produces superior results when used by itself or as a hook trailer on a Daisy Chain. It also
works well trolled from a spreader bar made of Tormenter "Shell Squid" or "Green Machines". This lure is great for Yellowfin
Tuna, White Marlin, Small Blue Marlin, Dolphin, Sailfish and Wahoo.


note: Rigged Lures come with 6 feet of 200 Lb. Momoi mono with a 9/0 Stainless Steel 7691 Double Strength hook.

Prices: $10.99 Unrigged
$15.99 Rigged