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When you need to change your arsenal quickly - Bass Tackle Minder
reminds you were you where your favorite lures, hooks,weights etc. are stored.

Molded plastic tackle boxes are now the preference of most anglers and for good reason – they’re sturdy, can take a beating, and they rarely break. They are also relatively inexpensive and all the new bass boats include slots to secure your tackle boxes.

The only problem is it’s hard to tell what’s in each tackle box while you’re out on the lake. That’s why Russ Lane helped Bass Minder create BASS MINDER RUSS LANE PRO SERIES TACKLE MINDER LABELS. The colorful Tackle Reminder Labels are the perfect size to fit all major brands of molded plastic tackle boxes. Just peel and stick them on your tackle box and take the guesswork out of your fishing trip.

Easily sticks on your plastic tackle boxes & organizers


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Bass Minder Russ Lane Pro Tackle Reminder at the Depot
BASS MINDER RUSS LANE PRO SERIES TACKLE ORGANIZER MINDER LABELS - sticks on all plastic tackle organizers These labels are water resistant, and stick on almost any surface. Keep your tackle organized, and know exactly where you have stored your favorite lures when you need them quickly in the heat of battle.

From Bass Pro George Kunkle

With the BASS MINDER RUSS LANE PRO SERIES TACKLE MINDER LABELS I can identify the boxes in the hatch from the front of the boat and eliminates any questions when asking a partner to grab a box for you. I have even labeled the slots in the boat so when having someone help load the boat the boxes all go in the right place and I can tell my partner where to find a box without even having to look.
As simple as this seems it is one of the most innovative products I think to come along in a while and something all fishermen beginners to professionals must have. I am glad I took the time to walk over and talk to David and stay tuned for updates on the first full year of use and abuse… The Bass Minder products take all the guesswork out of your entire trip, beginner or seasoned professional.