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From: George Kunkle - American Bass Angler's American Fishing Tour Division 51 Director

While at the ABA National Championship in November this year I ran into an entrepreneur named David Stewart who I think has some pretty neat stuff for the amateur and professional angler alike. David had a booth set up at the weigh-in tent at Grand Lake and he caught my attention with a couple of items I have been looking to fill a large void in my fishing arsenal for a long time. Bass Minder now has 4 products that the serious angler cannot afford live without (especially when every moment on the water counts) and a must for the beginner that will give them a fast track to competitiveness.
The first item at first may seem a little basic but that is the genius of it. Bass Minder’s® Lure Selection Guide is an easy to read chart that gives/reminds you the best lure selection based on water temperature/conditions and the time of year. It is a durable waterproof sticker that can be used on the card from your tackle box or glove compartment or permanently applied to your boat, tackle box, inside lid of a tackle compartment or any smooth surface you want. A must for all beginners it takes the place of countless hours of studying and reading the “not so secrets” from magazines and is always at your fingertips. As I said for the seasoned pros the genius is in the simplicity. We have all been there, the tougher the fishing gets the deeper the hole we dig with frustration as time slips away. At a recent tournament when faced with this situation, while rummaging through my hatch for something to entice a bite I picked up the Lure Selection Guide and sat on the deck for a few minutes, got back to basics, and finished with a limit of fish. Now the Lure Selection Guide is permanently stuck to the gunnel of my boat where it reminds me when things get tough to slow down and get back to basics to catch more fish.

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Bass Minder Lure Selection Guide at Fishing Depot
BASS MINDER LURE SELECTION GUIDE - Know which lure to use in which circumstance, Learn from the pros, who have put together this exciting bass fishing guide, recommending lures that are proven to catch fish in changing conditions throughout the day. The best lure based on current conditions means the best catch! Bass Minder® Lure Selection Guide helps you make the most of every fishing trip. The Lure Selection Guide’s easy-to-read chart reminds you of the best lures to use based on water conditions and temperature. The Lure Selection Guide can be permanently applied to the inside or outside of your tackle box, or inside your boat or on any smooth surface you choose. Or, just keep it in your tackle box for handy reference. Even the most experienced fisherman say the Lure Selection Guide helps them get back to basics to make sure they're using the best lure based on current conditions. With Bass Minder Lure Selection Guide you’ll always CATCH MORE FISH! Bass Minder Lure Selection Guide Review: