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AMF Stainless Steel Trolling Wire 1000 Ft. Spools

Single Strand Monel Trolling Wire   

AFW’s single strand soft Monel Trolling Wire is the ultimate line for wire fishing. Special processing by AFW gives the wire exceptional kink resistance with excellent ductility and high strength. This nickel-copper alloy provides maximum corrosion resistance in fresh and saltwater and, due to its greater density, sinks more rapidly and stays deeper than stainless steel and other trolling lines. Excellent wire for dragging baits at depth and hooking hard-charging game fish such as Striped Bass and Wahoo.
Made in USA by AFW.

Single Strand Stainless Trolling Wire

AFW’s Stainless Steel Trolling Wire is soft single strand wire carefully annealed for maximum flexibility and strength. The line sinks rapidly allowing the angler to get down deep using shorter lengths of line. It is kink and abrasion resistant and ideal for both fresh and saltwater trolling. The high strength of 300 series stainless steel results in a small diameter per pound test providing greater reel capacity. Great for reaching Stripers and other fish in deep waters. Made in USA by AFW.