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ANDE’s Back Country monofilament fishing line now offered in Forest Green.

The Back Country series of monofilament fishing line by ANDE is now offered in Forest Green. In the past, envy green fluorescent and slate blue were the main two colors offered. ANDE’s Back Country lines are its softest and most-supple monofilaments made, but still they have exceptional tensile and knot strength. Because ANDE does not make braided or “super lines,” the Back Country series is designed specifically for smaller, light-tackle reels. Inshore anglers like the line for its low-memory properties. Give it a shot for those fishing conditions when you need spot-on casts or that extra strength to pull fish from cover. Back Country comes in line tests from 4 to 80 pounds.

BACK COUNTRY LINE SPECS: (lb. Tests available)

SPOOL SIZE Slate Blue Envy Green Forest Green

1/8# 4-30 6-30 6-30

1/4# 6-80 6-80 6-80

1/2# 10-80 10-80 10-80

1# 4-80 6-80 6-80

2# 8-80 8-80 8-80

3# 30-80 30-80 30-80

7# 20-25 20-25 20-25

9# 30-80 30-80 30-80