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For over 50 years ANDE has been providing the finest in monofilament fishing line to anglers throughout the world.
Their reputation has been built and maintained solely because ANDE has always stood up under every conceivable
fishing condition and situation. Ande Monofilament holds over 1,300 IGFA World Records. Many of these records
represent outstanding catches throughout the history of IGFA. ANDE offers five monofilaments: Premium, Monster, Ghost,
Fluorocarbon and Tournament. They offer numerous line strengths from very light tackle 2 lb. test up too heavy duty
400 lb. Test.

Captain Mickey Oliphant has used Ande Monofilament personally, since the late 1950's as a pier rat on the Historical
Palm Beach Fishing Pier. When he became a mate on head boats in 1961, Ande MOnofilament was the choice of the
pros. In the late 1960's and early 1970's as a professional tournament mate and Captain, Mickey always knew he could
depend on Ande Mono.

Ande Tournament Monofilament has set all standards for world record fishing lines, and was the choice of all of the
anglers in the invitational only Master's Sail Fish Tournament, sponsored by John Rybovich in Palm Beach during the
1960's and 1970's. Mickey spooled numerous Penn Internationals 20's and Fin Nor 20's with hundreds of yards of Ande
Tournament 20# test Green, every year.

He has used virtually every line type, every line color, and every line pound test, fishing for small freshwater pan fish, bass
catfish, and walleye, to 600 and 700 pound blue marlin, giant blue fin tuna fish, sword fish and sharks of many species.
Mickey States, "If you want to catch fish, and not worry about a fishing line failure, spool Ande Monofilament. on your fishing
reels. You can Fish Ande Mono wit confidence.