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The Taylor Offshore Experience

The easiest and fastest way to catch fish.

The Patent Pending designs of The Taylor Offshore rigging system enable you to catch more fish, save money, and do it all with ease by making your fishing trip less of a chore and more of a sport.

WE ARE...Taylor Offshore

At Taylor Offshore, their goal is to make the total fishing experience fun, enjoyable, and painless in every way possible.

While on a fishing trip back in 2008, the guys noticed that they were spending a lot of time rigging & re-rigging their lines in order to change head shapes, types, and skirt colors. Although the out dated, decades old leadering apparatus has been the accepted way to fish since any of us could remember, they knew that there had to be a way to improved rigging on the fly. With a few patent pending ideas, they've virtually eliminated countless fishable minutes rigging a line to change lures...all while preserving the basic look and feel of the sport.

the Taylor Team are four guys looking to improve the way we all that they've evolved their technique on the water, they want to help us do the same. With The Taylor Offshore leader/swivel quick release systems, anglers and mates can minimize rigging time using their E1 quick release mechanisms. They can maximize the time that hooks are in the water, and increase the safety of their team by eliminating the need to "leader" their line with long leaders. They can save money by eliminating the need to purchase swivels, leader material, or other unnecessary items, and ultimately make their overall fishing experience more successful.

We would love to talk to you about their cutting edge product, so contact us for more information! (561) 793-8553

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The Taylor offshore Team

Capt. Matt, Eric, Michael & Capt. Ross