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The new tandem Flutter Tail jigs even catch 'm two at a time. These new innovative lures are part of the Logic Lures arsenal. The scented tandem rig is a combination of Logic Lures popular Wiggly Jiggly flexible lure head assembly, and two of Logic's super Flutter tail soft plastic lures rigged on flourocarbon, monofilament leaders.

These lure not on attack fish, they attract schools of fish. The scented formula of the lures is a proven fish attractant, but will not leave an order in your tackle chest.

These tandem Flutter Tail Lures are rigged on 30 lb. Fluorocarbon mono leader, and dual Logic Lures Wiggly Jiggly jig head systems.  
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Logic Lures Scented Tandem Flutter Tail Lures Rig
The Logic Lures Pre-Rigged Tandem Rigs feature Logic Lures' patented swivel hook technology, which allowed them to perfectly pair two lifelike PlastiX Flutter Tails, and produce the natural schooling action bass instinctively key in on.
Our Price : $5.29
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