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Palm Beach Trolling Lures - Proven Performance In The Palm Beach Tradition

These custom offshore trolling lures are hand made in the tradition of the world renown Palm Beach offshore fishery, which has been the destiny of world class anglers for over 100 years. The warm Gulf Stream currents comes closer to land at Palm Beach, than any where in the world. The off shore waters between Palm Beach, and the northern Bahama Islands drop to over 2000 feet at the "hump"
approximately 18 miles offshore. Two miles east of Palm Beach Inlet, an angler is fishing in over 300 feet of water. The Gulf Stream currents come form the sub tropical waters of the southern Atlantic and Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba, and flow northward, around the Florida Keys, and then travels up the canyon between south Florida and the Bahama Islands. The warm tropical currents flow northward an average of three to four knots, and the water temperatures range from the high 70 degrees F. in the winter to the high 80 degrees F. in the summer seasons. These waters have produced some of the best off shore game and commercial fishing in the world, since the turn of the 20th century.

The "Palm Beach Tradition", is not only influenced by the opulence of the rich and famous that have made Palm Beach their "Winter Home" for generations, but includes the heritage of numerous boating and fishing pioneers that were drawn to the south Florida coastline and the Palm Beach Inlet, for direct access to the blue waters of the Gulf Steam, and the abundance of big pelagics that live in, and traveled the waters of the "Stream" on their yearly migrations. Palm Beach has been known for its abundance of sail fish, marlin, dolphin, wahoo, black fin tuna fish, king mackeral, cobia, baracuda, sharks, and more since its' founding back in the late 1800's.

Palm Beach is home of one of the oldest and most successful fishing clubs in the world, the West Palm Beach Fishing Club, which was founded in 1934. The club founded and has sponsored the longest running fishing tournament in the world, the Silver Sailfish Derby, The first Derby was conducted in January 1935, and has run continuously since with the exception of 1943-1945 during World War II. The red sailfish release pennant was introduced into the tournament fishing industry by the Derby.

The "Palm Beach" fishing "Tradition" began at the West Palm Beach city marina docks' Pier # One, which moored the fish charter fishing fleet out of Palm Beach Inlet in the 1920'S. and would expand to the Layton Docks at 15th street and later to Bill's Sailfish Marina on Palm Beach Shores. As off shore sport fishing grew, its was only natural that the World Premier sport fishing boat builder, Rybovich and Sons, would begin producing the finest sport fishing boats afloat, at 40th street and the lake in West Palm Beach. For three generations and over 60 years,the Rybovich Boats had set the standards for quality, innovation and performance in sport fishing tournament and pleasure boats. In conjunction with building premier fishing machines, John Rybovich enhanced the "Palm Beach Tradition", with the introduction of the annual world class Master's Sailfish tournament, which was held in Palm Beach the first week January beginning in 1963.The masters was an invitation only tournament, John Also hosted the IGFA Invitational Bill fish Tournament, the IWFA Invitational Bill Fish Tournament, and the Gold Cup Sail Fish tournament each year. With the growth of Sport fishing in Palm Beach, came a prestigious group of off shore anglers, boat captains, and professional mates, that led the tournament sport fishing circuits in South Florida and the Bahamas for years.

The legendary "Tradition" of Palm Beach sport fishing boats, tournaments, close access to the Bahama island, and their tournaments, brought about innovation, experimentation, development and manufacturing of specialized sport fishing products, tackle, gear, and accessories. Such invention as the Tuna Tower, adjustable fighting chairs with swivel gimbels, outriggers with spreaders, Tee Tops
on console boats etc.came into existence due to the pioneers of the industry in the "Palm Beach Tradition".

Palm Beach Lures understand, and appreciates the "Traditions" that have made sport fishing the game of the rich and famous, for generations. Each Palm Beach lure is custom designed and hand made with the quality of a "Master Craftsman". Many of their designs have a proven performance, and are time tested over fifty years of tournament fishing. The lures are manufactured with the latest technologies and quality resins available. Each lures is made and delivered in the "Palm Beach Tradition".